blast cleaning equipment & FlexShot the UltraSoft blast media

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Introducing FlexShot Die Cleaning Media

The revolutionary non-destructive die cleaning media. FlexShot is a metallurgically enhanced, ultra-soft shotblast cleaning and polishing media.

Features of FlexShot:

- Polishes surfaces as it cleans extrusion dies
- Among the sofest shot blasting media for die cleaning (less than 20Rc)
- No abrasion or base metal removal/dimensional change
- Little to no wear on blast equipment
- Economical - outlast other media by thousands of cycles!
- Recyclable = less waste & reduced material handeling cost
- Environmentally friendle & non-hazardous

Specifically designed for die cleaning applications. Try FlexShot, the standard for die cleaning!

Environmentally Friendly

Not only is FlexShot safe to use on your product and shotblast equipment, it is a non-hazardous material, and can be disposed of in the same manner as your standard SAE shot.

FlexShot distributed by Unified Technologies