blast cleaning equipment & FlexShot the UltraSoft blast media

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FlexShot Blast Media

Unified Technologies is proud to provide the revolutionary non-destructive shot blasting media known as FlexShot. FlexShot is a metallurgical enhanced, ultra-soft steel developed for use in non-abrasive blasting applications where little to no damage/change to the surface can be tolerated.

FlexShot is a specially produced soft iron bead with exceptional cleaning properties. The ricochet effect during blasting amplifies FlexShot’s effectiveness to work. The non-aggressive nature of the product allows it to be used for gentle removal of surface deposits without damage to sensitive substrates. Wear on blast equipment is minimized and the media itself has an excellent blast life. FlexShot lasts thousands of cycles longer than standard SAE steel shot, which also reduces dust to very low levels. FlexShot would generally be used in wheel blast (turbine) machines or pressure blast systems as it’s density is the same as standard SAE steel media (>7 gm/cc).

Features of FlexShot:

Specifically designed for non-destructive applications
Among the softest shot blasting media (<200 HV, or 12 - 15 Rc)
No surface degradation or texturing
Less abrasion, no base metal removal or dimensional change
No wear on blast equipment
Does not work harden
Economical - outlasts other blast media by thousands of cycles!
Recyclable = less waste
Reduced material handling cost

Typical applications include detail work, threads, die castings, investment castings, ferrious parts, machined surfaces, and tooling such as: glass molds, rubber molds, and extrusion dies. FlexShot is available in varrious sizes dependent on the application. Unified Technologies can assist in determining which size best fits your application.

FlexShot is environmentally friendly, so not only is FlexShot safe to use on your product and shotblast equipment, it is a non-hazardous material, and can be disposed of in the same manner as your standard SAE shot.